27th - 29th of
    September 2019


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Since 2013 TYPO3 East Europe (T3EE) gathers each year TYPO3 developers and enthusiasts from all over Europe with the aim to promote the development of TYPO3 in countries where it is not yet well known, to encourage the growth of the local communities, help them get more involved and also boost TYPO3 among TYPO3 developers and on the market.


Located in the center of the historical region called Transylvania, also knows as “Dracula’s home”, Cluj-Napoca is one of the most visited cities in Romania.

Besides the capital city of the country, Cluj is the biggest center of IT industry in Romania, the biggest software export hub in Romania, the location of the first and most important IT Cluster in Romania (www.clujit.ro) and has the highest concentration of software professionals in the entire country (around 9.000 people). Recent initiatives in developing business incubators aim to place Cluj as a center of innovation and start-up culture.

Cluj has the highest concentration of TYPO3 developers in the entire country and probably in the entire Eastern Europe. All the national meetups (in the last 4 years) of the Romanian Usergroup happened in Cluj.


Getting to Cluj is easy and you can choose among plane, train, bus or even your personal car.

If you choose to reach Cluj by plane you should know that the International Airport of Cluj-Napoca is offering 42 direct flights to 19 countries. For up to date flight routes information, you can find it here.Cluj has great bus connections with Budapest. Thus, an alternative is to fly to Budapest Ferihegy Airport with a low-cost company and then shuttle to Cluj. The shuttle takes six to eight hours to make the travel. You can find more details here.

The train from Budapest is also an option.For Serbians an option is to cross the border by train to Timisoara and then take a bus, train or plane to Cluj.If you come from Eastern Europe we would recommend you to take your ticket through Munich (Germany).Also, take into account that there are direct buses from Chisinau (Kishinev), Moldova, to Cluj.From Ukraine, Kiev or Lviv to Cluj through Munich (by plane), is around 290,- € two ways.

We will gladly help you find the best (fastest, cheapest) route to Cluj, from wherever you are, so please write to us on contact@t3ee.org




Want to be a part of 2019’s team of SPEAKERS?

Send us your references at contact@t3ee.org and let’s team up!

This year we will be focusing on the impact of TYPO3 on today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

This year we are aiming for better so we chose a location to suit our standards!

IQuest Technologies is only a 5 minute walking distance away from the city center, giving you the chance to explore the beauty of Cluj-Napoca very easily, and also, the opportunity to find restaurants, pubs and everything you need in its surroundings.

This year we promise you more information, fun activities and lots of amazing memories.

Among the things we have prepared for you, you can also find:

  • A lot of new information on TYPO3;
  • Very professional speakers;
  • Themed event;
  • Fun parties;
  • Much more surprises…

Book your spot for 28th & 29th of September for TYPO3 EAST EUROPE CONFERENCE 2019!

On the 27th of September, join us for a guided afternoon walk to Cluj's famous places to taste the original Transylvanian drinks.

Get ready for a fun and exciting cultural experience in the heart of Transylvania, Romania during T3EE’s PRE-EVENT!



27th of September
  • fun activities
  • an unforgettable day
  • drinks and food at iconic places in Cluj


28th-29th of September
  • guaranteed seat
  • welcome package
  • coffee breaks
  • lunch
  • invitation to all the parties
  • conference materials
parties (at least 2-3 every year)
500+ attendees over the years
TYPO3 Marathon
many interesting subjects revealed by great speakers
great memories
15+ countries
different challenges
special events for students

Some photos from last years

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